Friday, October 01, 2004

No respect!

I would say that most of my geeky interests go unappreciated at home. Sure, there have been those days when the GPS really came through or I was able to pull up great uncle Bedford's sister-in-law's phone number while we were on vacation, but most things are endured instead of appreciated in our home. Add blogging to that latter list as of last night.

I showed my wife this blog and gave her the 10 second explanation about what a blog is. Her only reaction..."That's weird."

Well, it is a little strange, but in a cool kind of way. It's one of those ''why...because I can kind of things" that just may stick for one.

What about you? What does your significant other think about your blog?


Rachel Bancroft said...

Is OBSESSED too strong a word to describe my husband's blogging habits? He has only started three blog sites in the past 2 months, regularly blogs on other blogs, constantly reads thousands of feeds from other blogs and has successfully converted my whole non-geeky family to blogging on our own family blog. If you can't beat em, join 'em.

Josh Bancroft said...

Actually, I have a total of five blogs now - I'm trying to keep them each focused on their own topic(s), so as to make them more useful for their readers. I'm sure readers of the family blog could care less about the release date of the MPX220 Smartphone. ;-) But I think 5 is enough, for now anyway.

I'm so glad that my wife is supportive of my new blogging addiction. She even posts to our family blogs, and her whole side of the family is loving having their own blog to share photos, etc.

Brian, maybe you should create a family blog, and see if you can get your wife to join you? Once you get her hooked, it might seem a little less weird. :-) Kind of like using Bejeweled or The Sims to introduce videogames...

Oh, and just for the record - "W?BIC!" forever, man!