Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Getting GMail on my T3

I think one of the things that my Palm is best at is reading text.  I read tons of e-books, web pages, email, and other content on it all the time.  I was excited when I read that GMail was going to make their email POP accessible, but I ran into a bump trying to get it going on my T3 today. 


The configuration is very straight forward with the configuration information that Google provides except for the fact that Versamail will not support STARTTLS (or SSL) for SMTP connections.  The workaround:  use a different provider for SMTP access that uses ESMTP for authentication (or none at all if your email provider does not use authentication).  No one ever said that you have to use the same provider for your outgoing mail and mail recipients don't know any different either.  It works perfectly and looks like it came from my gmail address. 


I don't know if anyone else out there is going to have issues getting it configured, but just in case someone does a Google search for "receiving gmail on Palm T3" maybe this post will help some.  I'll answer any specifics via email if it ever comes up.


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