Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Laptop design requirements

I have discovered that I have a design requirement for laptops that I was unaware of. At work, they had to swap out my laptop due to power management issues I was having with my previous unit. The replacement is exactly the same except for one thing - the keyboard. This new keyboard is the loudest keyboard I have typed on in a long time! It makes it very difficult to work in meetings or other places where you want to be quiet.

Each keypress is loud. It's probably not as loud as I think it is, but it feels like I am trying to sneak up on someone in the forest by riding an elephant. Maybe if I would listen in meetings instead of send email and write blog posts, I wouldn't have this guilty conscience! :) As it is, I feel about as stealthy as a bank robber using a bright-yellow school bus for a getaway vehicle.


Josh Bancroft said...

Wow. That's kind of weird. I didn't think there would be such a variation in the keyboard noise, assuming the swap was for a similar model.

That's on complaint I have with my Dell 700m. The keyboard isn't too noisy, but the left and right click keys for the touchpad sound like a cap gun when I click them. I just tap on the pad most of the time, but when I do have to use the buttons, everyone knows it.

So I guess, I can sympathize. Unless your new laptop is more powerful than mine. ;-)

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