Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Palm T3 battery life

Over the weekend I experienced what I thought was better-than-average battery life from my T3 that I wanted to share.  The last time before the weekend that I charged my Palm was on Thursday (since my cradle was at work and I worked from home on Friday).  I used the device as I always do (powered on about two hours a day) over the weekend.  I was surprised that on Monday morning, the battery was still showing 40% - not bad for what turned out to be 4 days of use.


Another thing that surprised me is that it recharged back to 100% in about 40 minutes during my first meeting of the day on Monday.  The reason why I wanted to share is that the recharge time made me realize that this performance was noticeably better than my iPaq 2215.  Both the discharge and recharge times were superior to my T3's predecessor.


It doesn't take much to get some geeks excited!


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