Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It is time to clean house!

Man, I sat down in front of a PC at school last night that was lightening fast!  It responded to commands almost instantly and applications opened in the blink of an eye!   When I completed the tasks I initially set out to do, I went to the system stats to see what was under the hood of this speed demon.  I couldn't believe that it was only a 2 gig system with 512MB of RAM.


The only real difference between this system and mine at home is how little is installed on it.  It has MS office installed and almost nothing else.  It made me realize how encumbered my system at home has become after a couple of years worth of installs and uninstalls of the software interest of the week on it.  This experience has really stirred my desire to rebuild my system (something that I periodically succumb to).


That fresh build performance is calling my name and I can't ignore it!  The countdown has begun to rebuild and you can bet that the time to rebuild will be measured in days now, not weeks or months.


How about you, how often do you purge your system?

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