Monday, February 07, 2005

Bought something low-tech over the weekend

As part of a counter-revolution to my typical digital drive, I purchased something this week that doesn't understand binary!

I haven't worn a watch in quite a while, but I recently came to the realization that I was constantly digging my phone out of my pocket or my PDA out of my bag just to find out what time it is. My frustration with having to do that finally culminated in a decision to buy a watch...but which one of 10 billion options? Josh recently purchased a Fossil MSN Direct watch - which is certainly the geekiest option…but I decided to choose something from the complete opposite end of the Fossil spectrum.

Although the watch I chose is not a purely mechanical (wind-up) watch, it's the first I have bought in probably 15 years that didn't include an LCD. It’s almost funny to think that there are actually moving gears inside! It can’t do email, remind me of appointments, connect to the internet, or even recharge – it only tells time. How 17th century! :^)

1 comment:

Josh Bancroft said...

Ooh. That's a nice looking watch. Nice choice.

Nothing wrong with going analog once in a while. ;-)