Thursday, February 17, 2005


I think it’s so ironic that just this morning I was thinking that my Dell has been the most stable Pocket PC I have ever owned and during lunch today I received the following error message:

A memory error has been detected. Press [the contacts button] to correct the error. If the system does not boot, press [Power]+[Reset] to clear all data in the memory and reboot the system.

Pressing the contacts button does not work, so I get to rebuild my handheld. Oh joy!


Josh Bancroft said...

Were you able to recover it, or is it still a brick? Hope you don't have to RMA it...

Anonymous said...

Go the same issue - seems to recover if you do what it suggests but worrying.

Anonymous said...

I got this error on my Dell Axim X50v half an hour ago. Research shows that it has one of two causes:

1) PDA "thought" its battery went out of juice completely and therefore RAM data may have been lost, this was false in my case, as the battery had 15% left. And pressing the contacts button worked, I read about another user whose battery had ran out and he received a "warning - data has been lost" afterwards, which I did not.

2) There is a physical problem with the memory. Supporting this theory is that when my battery started running out of power several icons disappeared, such as program icons, and the icon for the currently selected input method (such as pen/keyboard etc in bottom right corner). They were all gone, just "transparent", which means the pocket pc couldn't read them from memory. After I turned off the pocket pc and put in a new battery I got the "memory error" on startup.

I really hope that it's not #2.

Have you solved your problem yet? Please contact me at this address so we can solve it together:

aximuser [at] pulseforce [dot] com