Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I love my new Axim X50v, but...

There always seem to be those features to an otherwise great product that make you wonder what was going in the engineer's mind who designed it. The Dell has a couple of those, but the one I want to share with the world today is recharging over USB. It's great that the Dell has this functionality [kinda].

I can't figure out why the charging completely stops when the device powers on. Why doesn't it try and trickle charge while it's in use? I had hoped that the USB cable would at least maintain the existing charge, but I have been disappointed. If you keep your Axim plugged in to the USB sync cable and powered on, the battery slowly drains. What I haven't yet established is if the battery drains at the same rate it would if the cable weren't even plugged in. Maybe some testing is in order.

Hmm...I would like to talk to the person (or team) at Dell that made that decision.

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Anonymous said...

If you've just got the USB cable plugged in, the power is not enough (USB 1.5v) to both power the device and charge it. You need to connect the AC adapter if you want it to charge while it is powered on.