Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Maybe I need professional help!

Well, I've come full circle on my PDA dilemma over the last 3 months (see posts from September and October). At the expense of my wife saying, "I told you so!" I have listed my Tungsten T3 on Ebay. As much as I have LOVED the stability of the device, the slide-out screen with GREAT resolution, fantastic battery life, and really simple synchronizing, I miss much of the multimedia experience of the Pocket PC platform. I guess old habits just die hard! :^)

This is the fastest I have ever turned around a PDA. I usually hang on to them about a year before I feel the itch, but this time around has been different. And you can absolutely guarantee that my wife is going to insist that I hang on to whatever I replace the T3 with for a decade or more! I would be curious how long the reading audience out there goes between PDA refreshes - how long can you hold on to a PDA before you have to replace it?

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