Tuesday, February 22, 2005

On ActiveSync

Just one of those days to stop and think about things I’m thankful for…

Microsoft ActiveSync has been receiving kudos from me over the last week. There are those times when it doesn’t work so well and times when it does and I guess I am in the heart of the good times now. When I first got my new Dell, I downloaded version 3.8, but I had a number of issues with file conversion (specifically for Word documents). I received a lot of errors about not being able the converter not working and as a result, the files wouldn’t sync.

When I had my lock-up last week and needed to rebuild my device, I decided to step down to the 3.7.x version of the software and ever since, syncing has been seamless. Documents and PIM data are always up to date and changes are reflected on my PDA the moment they are committed on my PC. It is a nice change back from the days of having to manually sync my Palm by hitting the HotSync button. I think that MS has got a better solution for PDA syncing than Palm.


Josh Bancroft said...

Interesting to note that PalmSource has dumped HotSync entirely, and announced that they're moving to SyncML in the future.

Brian said...

Good for them! They're not losing much though!